There is a reason for everything.

Posted: 2013/08/21 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.

20130505_122908_resized-300x225I’ve been involved in the development of more than a few sport and youth programs over the past 30+ years within a variety of sports, including Martial Arts, Baseball and Archery. It has been my experience during that time that the most important ingredients to successful youth development are ambition, respect and discipline.

Ambition is by far the best motivational tool in causing a young mind to think “GO FOR IT” and it should be seeded, nurtured, and supported without fail.

Respect naturally comes with the territory as a result of being able to develop a relationship built around trust. This relationship becomes valued, opinions become welcome and challenges become ambitions.

Discipline is the foundation for structure NOT governance. It is what provides a sense of stability and teaches a young mind to have respect for the things that can bring positive results.

Here, through the benefit of a well-orchestrated sport program, we learn to set goals. Then, we learn to develop and put into practice the GOOD HABITS to achieve them.

So with all of this in mind I’ve decided to set a new goal and throw everything I have at it, too!

So, consider yourself invited to follow along and join in, if you so choose! See you on the ranges!


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