Even the biggest man can become a kid again, when you put a bow in his hand.

Posted: 2013/12/17 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.

From time to time, I get to work with Business Executives, teaching them the basics of archery to be used as a means of relaxation and re-charging, if you will. It is during these times that my professional background is discovered and I do enjoy the looks I get when I’m able to offer up a bit of advice that seems to make sense. I’m not going to say what that experience is but suffice it to say that its extensive and considered by more than a few to be helpful in one way or another.

Regardless, this article isn’t about me, it’s about what happens to someone when they put a bow in their hand. As a coach, I’ve witnessed some pretty amazing transformations. You see, one of two things happens… One, the person either hates the experience or two, the person is so bitten by the experience that they can’t get enough of shooting and they spend a huge hunk of their time thinking about it.

There is a moment that everyone who shoots a bow gets. It’s a moment where the world becomes quiet. It’s a moment where there is a clarity that comes over them, a calmness, and nothing else matters. During this moment all things serious seem to melt away, leaving in its wake an instant of relaxation followed by an explosion of raw satisfaction when the result of a seemingly simple execution is rewarded with a bull’s eye. Eventually, after many, many, repetitions of the process and the introduction of some friendly competition, the barriers of maturity begin to dissipate and that’s when you find your very experienced business professional, or any adult for that matter, behaving entirely child-like.

This is the moment that the entire process has come full circle and it has an astonishing way of rekindling itself in such a way as to make a grown man… play.

And, the good news is… it’s contagious.




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