I volunteered to be Santa!

Posted: 2013/12/17 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.

Knowing that the real Santa was far too busy at the North Pole to join us at an Archery Christmas Party, I wrote to him and asked if I could volunteer to be him in his place. The crazy part is that it was Mrs. Claus that responded. Imagine my surprise when a package showed up outside my door, I almost tripped over it on my way out. When I opened it, inside was a Santa Suit with this note…

Dear Shawn,

Santa says that he would be honoured to have you stand in for him at your party. Perhaps, next year he can make an appearance to join you for some milk and cookies.

Merry Christmas,

Mrs. Claus

ps. Thank you for volunteering. More people should do things like this. I would think seeing the smiles on the children’s faces made it all worth it didn’t it?


Santa & Elf_1 Annette_300x200







Yes, it did!!!


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