The measure of a GOOD Coach.

Posted: 2013/12/23 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.


Being a good Coach is not in the creation of skill sets that weren’t there in the first place. Nor is it hidden within the developing of cookie cutter techniques, nor is it in the comparisons of one athlete to another.

Being a good Coach is more about the relationship, the bond, between student and mentor.

That’s right, I said “Mentor.”

Coaching is about understanding the individual, it is about recognizing their needs and adapting, not applying a one program fits all approach. It is about understanding and using specific skill sets to create a desire to succeed at the highest levels possible for that individual.

Let me paint a picture fot you.

A Student arrives to practice and they are clearly upset, not focused and distracted from the purpose of being there. What does a good Coach do?

The answer is talk, talk about anything, it doesn’t matter. A good Coach understands this. The idea is to provide a comfortable atmosphere that no matter the circumstances, the Student feels safe. Perhaps, safe enough to share the problem that is upsetting them. A good Coach understands this too.

The correct course of action is for the Coach to adopt the position of ownership of the situation and by providing a sense of stability, the potential for finding a solution is greatly increased.

Also, a good Coach also knows their limits and constantly seeks the council of, and advice from, more experienced Coaches in regard to your advancement. So, when it’s time to bring you to the next level beyond your present Coach’s capabilities there will be another Coach already in place, waiting to help you with your journey.


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