The measure of a GOOD Student.

Posted: 2013/12/26 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.


The measure of a good Student Athlete is in the understanding and appreciation for the Coach’s expectations. It is in the belief that there will be measurable results. They also know that 90% of what the Coach teaches will be eventually thrown out and their personal development is part of a process, and that process is unique to the individual athlete. The good Student Athlete is open minded when it comes to instruction, realizing that in order to gain the best possible results a specific skill or technique may have been broken down into doable, fragmented chunks, which are designed to garner smaller, more frequent, rewards. The good Student Athlete challenges a Coach by bringing forth information and suggestions for improvement from others. These suggestions are to be valued for what they are, information from persons that are well meaning, and if they work, they can be adapted into a flexible program.

Perhaps, most importantly, the GOOD Student Athlete values the relationship, knowing that the path to success is traveled together.


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