A well made string can make all the difference in the world.

Posted: 2014/03/07 in Dark Wolf Archery Custom Strings, From the perspective of an Archery Coach.

As a string maker I’m more convinced now than ever it’s not at all about speed. It’s about feel. It’s about finesse. It’s about finding the sweet spot, that balance between speed and precision.

Recently, I generated a problem for myself in creating a series of strings for my compound bow that showed all the same characteristics in the result, far too much hand shock on release and a peep rotation issue. Knowing that I could resolve the shock with added weight, I began to focus on the rotation issue and breaking down the physics of what happens to a string under tension and then a sudden let off of 85%. What I learned was amazing and all I have to say is WOW. With each new build, I learned more. I was able to tweak my formula and methodology and prove or disprove a theory. In some ways I felt like Edison and his light bulb, and I discovered many ways not to make a string.

It was during this process that I heard one of the major bow manufacturers state that they were shipping the latest additions to their line of bows with 28 strand strings. So, I began the process of experimenting with strand counts. And, what I discovered there? Again, WOW.

All of this lead to more investigation, leaning toward the finesse side and away from speed. I decided to build one more set for my bow. I debated whether it should be 28 or 30 strands. Crazy? Perhaps. I debated whether it should be a single material or a blend. The blend performs with greater stability for speed and hand shock in regard to material wear. My DL mods are not adjustable, they are what they are. So, knowing that I wanted to go shorter in DL, I shortened the string by 1/4″ and lengthened the cables by 1/8″, resulting in a 27 1/2″ DL.

Continuing in this direction, I played with the bow poundage and settled on 51#. This threw the bow’s holding balance all out of whack, this again, leading to more experimentation and weights began coming off of the bow, by more than half.

Now, the bow sits and holds with far more ease, no hand shock on release, ZERO peep rotation and presents results like this.


There is a sweet spot and the strings are the place to start when you finally decide to find it.


And, now I ask all my string customers… Speed or Finesse?



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