Push NOT Pull.

Posted: 2014/03/17 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.

Now, before someone chimes in and says, “It’s a combination of both,” I happen to believe that it’s not. Before, someone chimes in and claims, “A proper back-tension release is activated by focusing on aiming and pulling through,” I happen to think that is mistaken also.

Here’s why I’m saying my heretic opinion out loud.

I have noticed a marked improvement in my compound target shooting by pushing into the target and command or intentionally triggering the release. Now, admittedly, I’m using a modified trigger that functions more like a hinge, however, once drawn and locked, that’s locked, no further movement on the back side is required, I transfer all attention to my aiming process. The function of pushing into the target and not pulling away from the target does a number of things to steady the bow, among them, creating an extended moment of stillness, call this “the window of opportunity.”

Pushing into the wall creates an extended window of opportunity. Ever have that one shot where something went wrong and as you pulled away from the target the bow began to raise, resulting in a bad shot? Most, would blame that on some type of “target panic” instead of what really happened, simply an improperly executed release.

Seems I’ve put this method to use before when I was shooting an Olympic Recurve, using it to intentionally activate the clicker instead of reacting to it, and strangely enough my scores went up then as well. Today, there are a number of my students that are enjoying better results because of this, and other techniques.

As a final heretic notion… If this or any other taught, learned or stumbled upon method puts arrows in the middle, use it.


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