The true power of a door is within its closing.

Posted: 2014/04/30 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach., Infographics


We are often taught to view a door as an opportunity, a challenge that is to be overcome, and that which is beyond its threshold is the prize. However, as we travel the labyrinth of corridors we call life, we often find ourselves standing before such an opportunity immobilized by fear.

Sometimes, the door is open and we can clearly see what lies beyond and other times it is closed, dampening our view. However, in either case, almost always, there is an invisible barrier of doubt.

The question is why the doubt, which most certainly stems from a fear?

The truth is the door empowers us by giving us an opportunity to wield its true power, closing it. Yes, all doors are meant to be opened but knowing when to leave them closed, or being able to close them before entering, or behind us after walking through, is where the real value is.

Leaving a door closed or closing it before going through may prevent us from making a big mistake because we didn’t listen to our gut. And, in this case fear and doubt become allies. Closing a door behind us is the ultimate power we are given at such a crossroad. It means that we are prepared to accept the challenges that are ahead and it can sometimes mean that which lies behind may not follow.

The real trick is to have the wisdom to know when and how to wield such a power without regret. And, that is another matter entirely.


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