Words can cut both ways.

Posted: 2014/05/15 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.


It has been my observation that what we say, and how we say it, is as important as how it is heard.

In what I do, I am given the privilege to speak to people of all ages, ranging from five year olds wanting to have fun, to young adults trying find a direction in life, to couples enjoying the togetherness experience of an activity, or a group of co-workers expecting to be lectured on the do’s and don’ts of a workplace environment, and with this comes a responsibility to connect. But, how does one person have it in them to communicate in such a diverse set of circumstances?

Engage at the interest and intellectual level of the person(s) you are communicating with.

It is important to remember that when imparting information or experience to anyone about anything, you must convince the recipient that what is being learned has an immediate impact for them, and that by relaying a story that creates a visual for them to identify with, a connection is being made to something inside of themselves. In other words, kids want to play, so play. Adults want to explore and challenge everything, so provide them with the opportunity to seemingly stumble into a realization of fact on their own. To be an effective speaker it is important to facilitate the needs of not just the listener but the circumstances as well.

Respect is the second most important feature of a good speaker.

What is most important is that you speak with sincerity and grace. It is the utterances of simple words that can make all the difference in the world in turning a positive experience into a negative in just seconds, or vice versa.

Words like please, and thank you, you can, and you will, can shape futures. Unfortunately, so can, you can’t or won’t, and that’s just stupid.

It is the perception of the words being spoken, the “how” in the way they are being heard, that delivers the most effect.

All this said, what most of us don’t realize, and this may be innocently enough, is that words linger, rippling in time, even after we may have long forgotten what was said.

However, you can bet, someone will remember.

My message…

You can be the positive influence to others you want to be, and know you can be. Why don’t you start with the word… Hello?

Thank you…

For your time.


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