Archery Moms are HOT.

Posted: 2014/07/20 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.

Brown-Hill-Archery-004And, Archery Dads are cool. Don’t forget that Grandpa and Grandma shoot and a baby brother and sister can too.

In case you’re not getting the point, this is making a very important statement about a sport that I have an absolute passion about and that is…

Archery is for all people.

It’s not a sport like any other. There’s something about putting a bow in your hand and flinging a few arrows that just seems to make the world and any problems you may be having, melt away. You can absolutely call it therapeutic. It is a sport where you have options, you don’t have to stand on the sidelines and watch your kids, you can be right in there beating them or at least trying.

Did you know that an archery lesson is becoming a popular birthday gift?

It is a sport that changes you, it provides discipline and structure. And, if given a chance, it can consume you, resulting in the creation of a new passion in your life. Archers as people are diverse, coming from all walks-of-life.

Archery is becoming a “date night” activity too.

So, then next time you’re thinking about what it might be that you can do as a family to get everyone out, moving and having fun, and that might just become a regular “let’s get together” thing, consider flinging a few arrows.

You are never too little or too old to try it.



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