A TRAD Bow will always have my heart.

Posted: 2014/12/09 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.

Shawn-Rees-Dark-Wolf-Archery-001Recently, I decided to go back to my roots in Archery and after making a half-dozen cedar arrows I picked up my Trad Bow. I’ve been shooting, pretty much exclusively, my Compound Bows for almost 2 years and have managed a few accomplishments but have never really been satisfied with the experience. You see, the fundamental difference between Compound and Traditional shooting is that Compound is a mechanical process, and if one doesn’t give one’s self over, entirely, to that process, accuracy is fleeting.


However, Traditional shooting is the dance, the romance and the art behind what it means to be an archer, it is within this realm where the bow submits itself to becoming an extension of its master but not without raising both to something far greater than either could ever be alone. Is this a bunch of hullabaloo? I think not. The experience is heightened through knowing that as one’s skill increases, it is done without strapping on or changing yet another mechanical aid to do so.

In a single word, the Traditional experience can be described as being a release from what binds us to the daily grind that we call life.

wpid-20140509_090405.jpg wpid-20140425_123533.jpg wpid-20140310_140709.jpg20140604_194000


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