Why mentoring is important

Posted: 2015/08/18 in From the perspective of an Archery Coach.










It has been my privilege to have been permitted to help, through sport and business, both young people and business professionals find success by providing a sense of clear direction when it comes to decision making.

But, that is only part of the formula.

There is the action that is required to make any plan successful, and with that also comes discipline, which basically means… What is repeatable in regard to positive behaviour to acquire the best results?

What few realize is that success in any aspect of our lives is learned and, it’s where we choose to learn from that is most important, even critical.

I have a mentor that is always saying, “I’d much rather teach a kid to steal bases than watch them learn to steal cars.”

I think that this sort of thought can have a positive affect on anyone, regardless of age, in as much as it points to taking advantage of rules while avoiding the wrong path.

Look at having a good mentor as working with a bit of a safety net, in many cases, business or personal circumstances alike, it is their experience and the experience of a network they have access to that has an incredible amount of value.

It’s like being able to walk a path that’s already been traveled, wearing someone else’s shoes.

All of this said… There is one thing that I enjoy above all others about the Mentoring Process, it’s that look in the eyes of the person you’re helping when all of a sudden they see it and realize they could have done it all along.

Now, that’s awesome!


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