Plan for reachable goals in smaller steps.

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As a Coach, I see it all the time and all of us are guilty of the same thing, we dream big. Don’t get me wrong. Yes, dream, and DREAM BIG. Where we tend to falter is in the plan. We point ourselves in what we think is the ONLY direction that will lead to success, hoping for some kind of magical giant stepped result.

If only, life were like that.

Setting smaller, attainable, goals is very similar to creating a business plan.

Okay, so now what the heck am I talking about?

What most people don’t realize is that a business plan is a live document, in that… It never stops changing. It, if being managed correctly, will undergo continuous edits, allowing for adaptations to meet unforeseen challenges to the success of the plan, and ultimately the business.

Now let’s apply the same sort of thinking to the process of our personal advancement. Setting shorter, intentionally measurable, steps toward a much larger goal will allow us to be adaptive in the process. It is within that adaptive ability that allows us to move in different directions attached to the rewards that inherently come with measurable results.

And, – now for the best part – because the plan is ‘live’ the BIG DREAM can change and the effort is still rewarded. Sometimes, what we think we wanted or needed the endgame to be wasn’t at all the real goal. You might ask why that is, and the answer would be as simple as… Experience.

Smaller goals and successes bring otherwise unrealized experience.

It is this realization that can assist in guiding future successes, one baby step at time.



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